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Welcome to Plastic Depot, where we specialize in custom plastic part fabrication and CNC machining services, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for advanced 3D printing capabilities, expert plastic fabrication, or intricate laser engraving services, our team is equipped with cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise to transform your ideas into reality.

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What We Can DO For You:

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3D Printing Services:

Harness the power of advanced 3D printing for intricate designs and prototypes.

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Plastic Fabrication:

Custom fabricate components with our state-of-the-art equipment.

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Laser Engraving:

Add a personal touch with detailed laser engravings on various materials.


Plastic Depot Configurator To Customize Your Orders:

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Choose Standard
or Unique Shapes:

From simple rectangles to complex stars and window shapes.

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Select from bullnose, angle cuts, polishing, and more.

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Text and Symbol

Personalize with text or symbols, even intricate laser engravings.

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Holes and

Precise drilling for functional and aesthetic purposes.

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Use our intuitive online configurator to customize your orders effortlessly.

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We offer an extensive selection of premium-grade plastics, each carefully chosen for its unique properties and potential to transform your ideas into durable, high-quality creations.

Materials and Pricing:

Variety of Acrylics: Clear, polycarbonate, black & white, translucent, fluorescent, tinted, transparent colored, mirrored.

Thickness Options: Range from 1/16” to 2”

Competitive Pricing: Starting from $6.50/ft²

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Customization and Finishing:

  • Edging Options: Various edge finishes like bullnose, bevel, and polished edges.
  • Available Operations: Countersink, drilling, tapping, text cutout, and engraving.
  • Customized Solutions: Let us help you with tailored solutions for any project.
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Applications of Acrylic:

Acrylic, versatile and durable, is ideal for:

  • Animal Enclosures, Architecture, Art Installations.
  • Commercial Spaces, Design, Door Glazing, Display Stands.
  • Greenhouses, Safety Barriers, Interior Cladding, Retail Point of Sale.
  • Signage, Skylights, Table Tops, and more.
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Processing and Custom

  • We offer a range of processing options:
  • Cutting, Joining, Surface Finishing, Customization, Shaping, Drilling.
  • Transform acrylic into your desired shape and appearance.
  • Customer Support:

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Cut To Size:
Provide us with your specific dimensions, and our skilled team will meticulously craft each piece to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique projects.

Our Products:
Explore our extensive selection of plastic materials and products, each designed to offer durability, aesthetics, and versatility for a variety of applications.

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About Us:
Discover our rich history
and expertise in plastic fabrication. We take pride in our journey from a small workshop to a leader in the industry, always pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality.

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We’re here to assist with your custom inquiries or provide support. Our team is dedicated to offering personalized service to ensure your satisfaction.

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Call to Order: Contact us directly for personalized service.

Questions and Asnwers

Can acrylic be used in bathrooms ?

Acrylic can be used for bathroom splashbacks, shower splashbacks, and bath panels.

Because acrylic is so light, lifting acrylic and fixing it to walls is a fairly straightforward DIY task.

How can I clean acrylic ?

We suggest simply use warm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth. Any chemical cleaner should be avoided as it is likely to damage the acrylic. If you would like to use a cleaning product we suggest our specialist acrylic cleaner and polish Novus and Brillianize.

Is acrylic suitable for outdoor use ?

Yes, acrylic can be used outside.

What are the advantages of acrylic over glass?

  • Acrylic is very clear - it lets through 92% of the visible light as opposed to 80% to 90% for glass.
  • Glass reflects more light than acrylic and the thicker the glass the more discolouration you will notice. No matter what the thickness of clear acrylic, it will always be clear.
  • Scratches can be polished out of acrylic but scratched glass cannot be repaired.
  • Acrylic does not shatter into sharp shards like glass. Acrylic breaks into large pieces with relatively blunt edges.
  • Acrylic scratches easier than glass but surface scratching can be polished out of acrylic while glass would most likely need to be replaced.
  • Acrylic is 20% more efficient than glass in reducing temperature flux which means that the outside temperature penetrates the acrylic less easily that it would penetrate glass.

Help and Advice


We offer standard, next day and named day delivery services.

Our larger orders are delivered via specialist couriers and we will email you the day before their delivery.

Whichever delivery option you choose, you will see your expected delivery date before you checkout. If you choose our standard delivery, this date is an estimate.

Help & Advice

Polished Edges

Our Polished Edge Service provides a high gloss shine to edges of Acrylic. Choose between flame or diamond polishing. Tick the box to select this service.

Number of Holes

When selecting the number of holes, please consider the following:

  • Location: Standard holes are drilled 1 inch from the edges, centered 1 inch apart in each corner or evenly spaced.
  • Hole Size: We drill holes up to a maximum diameter of .750 inches.

Hole Type

Choose between standard holes, countersunk or tapping holes. Note that countersunk holes are not suitable for use with screw covers. Select 'Standard Holes' if you wish to use screw covers.

Cut Outs

We can cut shapes from your Acrylics, such as socket holes in acrylic splashbacks.

Rounded Corners

Specify the number of corners you want rounded. For fewer than four corners, indicate which corners should be rounded.

  • Radius: By default, we round corners with a 2-inch radius. Specify a different radius in the configurator if desired.

That's it! If we have any questions, we'll be in touch. Thank you.

At Plastic Depot, we are deeply committed to offering innovative solutions tailored to meet all your plastic needs. Our dedicated team combines creativity with technical expertise to ensure your visions are realized with precision and quality. From concept to creation, we provide a seamless experience, ensuring each project reflects your specific requirements and aspirations. Our focus on customer satisfaction and attention to detail sets us apart in the industry. 

Contact us today to transform your ideas into exceptional plastic creations and experience the unparalleled service that makes us a leader in custom plastic solutions.

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