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Designing a new boat dashboard can be a daunting task, You have new switches and gauges that you have to measure and place on your updated boats dash. What Material do I use, How do I cut the holes, My switches need square holes, How the heck do I make that happen.  We will keep your sanity , We are here to help. using our cut to size configurator you can easily draw your part, and add holes and cutouts anywhere you like. The tool will help you layout your panel based on the boat gauges and boat switches you have. When you are done, the tool will send the drawing over to us ready to cut. Don’t worry if you don’t think it is exactly correct, It can be a starting point and then you can contact us to make any changes or updates, before you know it your new dash is ready to install and enjoy on your boat. just give it a try and let us know what you think you can always send us an email using our contact form on the website. We love Antique and Classic boats, we also make custom boat windows and hatches but you usually have to bring those in for us to duplicate , unless they are flat and then you can draw them here as well. Feel confident in buying your new boat dash board, boat windows and Hatches from Plastic Depot


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