LED Light Integration

LED lights always add a little flare to a custom or pre-existing piece; not to mention drawing a person’s attention.

Our LED Light Integration Process


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At Plastic Depot in Gardena, CA we offer professional-grade LED light integration including that of flexible LED sheets, circuit boards LED lights, RGB+W LED strips, and many more.

While LED light integration can add tremendous value to your project design, achieving the ideal effect can be difficult. Yes, the installation of an LED strip may seem simple enough, but oftentimes it doesn’t provide the required amount of lighting to achieve the desired aesthetic.

We specialize in integrating LED with a variety of specialized methods that we have developed over our many years of experience.

We use several professional-grade LED lights such as flexible LED sheets, circuit boards LED lights, RGB+W LED strips and so many more. Additionally, we are able to incorporate Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi into your LED designs.

Whether it’s a sign or point-of-purchase display, we can achieve the results you envision for your project.

Why choose LED light integration?

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