Custom Plastic Fabrication

A unique blend of modern technology with old-world craftsmanship.

Our Custom Fabrication Process

Our custom fabrication department will collaborate with you, your architect, engineer, and/or design consultant to transform your custom ideas into reality.

Our custom plastic fabricators pride themselves on providing the latest in detail, function, and design.

Our custom fabrication department combines a unique blend of old-world craftsmanship with the latest technologies including CNC, laser, print, and thermoforming.

Transform your custom ideas into reality.

High-Quality Plastic Fabrication

Everything From Prototyping to Production Runs

Our expertise in plastics and polymers provides us with in-depth understanding of plastic materials and their properties.

Plastic Depot is able to execute custom plastic part fabrications and components of the finest quality due to its high degree of competence.

All of our custom plastic fabrications are created to laboratory standards, and our welds are second to none in terms of smoothness and ease of cleaning. Nothing ever leaves our shop with a saw cut or a sharp edge. Each item is cut out by hand using high-tech CNC dual-head routers. Custom acrylic fabrication and other fabrication services are also available from us.



What Would You Like Us To Fabricate?

Our experience in the food and beverage, OEM replacement parts, chemical processing, and display industries demonstrates the breadth of our plastic fabrication skills.

Previous clients, both local and national, have relied on us to create signage and displays for a variety of applications, including acrylic and PETG displays, retail fixtures, and sign/brochure holders. We have also created safety guards, boat windshields, frames, and bubble-free PS30 joints for vitrines and museum boxes in addition to our display capabilities.