Sneeze & Virus Guard

Quick, Ready to Install

Virus Protection Barriers

Clear acrylic panels with strong aluminum frames, heavy-duty casters, or low profile base.

Can be customized to any size up to 48 x 96 inches and can be placed side-by-side to cover large spaces, or between/in front of desktops.

Price range from $496 depending on level of customization.

Transform your custom ideas into reality.

Self Standing Sneeze Guards

These are ideal for offices or any general countertop.

These use small feet to keep them upright so that they can be shipped at a lower cost in a flat box.

Standard sizes are 24 x 32 with a cutout or 32 x 32 with a cutout.

Custom sizes are available for up to 8 feet long.

$140 – $185 depending on the size.

Self Standing With Hinges

These are perfect for offices, restaurants, point-of-sales, banks, and any general countertop.

The clear acrylic panel size is 24 x 32 (can be a maximum of 32 x 48).

The maximum width is 60 inches.

A low-profile base can fit against a counter, allowing for social distance.

$140 – $185 depending on the size.

Quick, Ready to Install

Hanging Sneeze Guard

Can be hung from the ceiling to offer protection.

$85 – $125 depending on the size.



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