June 21, 2022

Benefits Of LED Light Integration

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Here at The Plastic Depot, we are proud to offer LED light integration as one of our products. However, many people may not know what LED light integration entails or what the benefits of it are. So, we will be reviewing that information here.

Benefits of LED light integration

LED lights were first created in the 1960s and have been commonly used in homes and commercial buildings since 2008. However, most of the LED bulbs that exist on the market today are designed to work in light fixtures that were made for incandescent bulbs.

  • Add flair to a custom or pre-existing piece and catches people’s attention
  • Adds value to your project design
  • Flexibility of size and shape to fit anywhere
  • Has a longer lifetime rating than other lighting options such as fluorescent, incandescent bulbs, or screw-in LED bulbs
  • More control over the appearance and output of light
  • Easy to control dimming options
  • Saves energy

While LED light integration can add tremendous value to your project design, achieving the ideal effect can be difficult. While the installation of an LED strip may seem simple enough, oftentimes it doesn’t provide the required amount of lighting to achieve the desired aesthetic. To help with that issue, we specialize in integrating LED with a variety of specialized methods that we have developed over our many years of experience.

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June 21, 2022


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