LED lights have become a spectacle of eco-friendly homeowners’ and business owners’ remodels, home improvements, and otherwise adaptations to becoming more green in their everyday life. There’s a common misconception today that LED lights are less safe than any other light source, which is far from the truth. Yes, there are low risks to exposure in great excess over short periods of time to the retina, but these cases are extremely rare. The same can be said of home or business fires being caused by LED lights, which again are extremely rare cases and have a minute chance of igniting.


Can LED lights be left on all day and night?


They can, without risk of explosion or damage. LED lights reliability is what truly sets them apart from any other source, and is what usually drives the average homeowner or business owner to make the switch, on top of being more eco-friendly as well.


One of the major pros that extend the safety of their use is the incredible average lifetime of an LED strip. The cost up front is well worth it for the years of reliable use LED lights will provide, at an average of 50,000 hours (almost six years!) of usage before requiring replacement or maintenance.