May 17, 2022

Benefits Of Sneeze Guards

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In today’s day and age, and with everything going on with COVID-19, many people are still in a state of panic regarding protecting the health of themselves and their loved ones from getting the virus (or any illness for that matter). Because of this, sneeze guards have become commonplace. If you don’t know what a sneeze guard is, you’ve probably seen them when shopping. Sneeze guards are usually a thin shield of see-through plastic placed between customers and cashiers used anywhere from grocery stores to banks to schools.

We at Plastic Depot are proud to make these for our customers so that we can maintain the health and safety of our community. Let us review the benefits of sneeze guards…

Benefits of sneeze guards:

  • Our custom-fabricated sneeze guards come “ready to install”
  • We offer sneeze guards in various materials and designs (customizable up to 48 x 96 inches) for the highest level of protection
  • The plastic used to make the guards are always completely see-through for your convenience
  • Our sneeze guards include durable aluminum framing, heavy-duty casters, and a low-profile base
  • We offer self-standing (with or without hinges) and hanging sneeze guards
  • Our prices start at $496 and can go up depending on the amount of customizations you’d like to make

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May 17, 2022