LED lights are a great addition to improving your home’s visibility. They also can be additions to vehicles, outdoor gear, picture frames, etc. The extensive uses of LED lightbulbs paired with their extended lifespan are some great pros to their productivity. Here are a few other projects you can use your LED bulbs for.

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LED Light Projects


Mirrors and Bathrooms


These are fun for design to be implemented into, but can easily overwhelm the bathroom. Be sure to space accordingly and take your time with this kind of project, as to not take away from what you have currently too much.


Living Room Accent Lighting


Similar to the bathrooms, these can be overwhelming as well to the rest of the room. Be sure to be careful, but also, remember they can change the whole tone of the room. Often enough they’re welcome additions and can be installed fairly easily.



Stairways can be visually changed a great deal with LED lighting. It’s a beautiful option to give your stairs a bit more visibility at night, as well as class. Installation here is a tough option on your own, which is why professional assistance may be necessary.


Overall, if you aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. We can set up a project plan for you and give you insight on how to prepare for LED light installations to change the makeup of a room or your home entirely. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!