Printing for projects can be fun to shift the medium for. Whether it be wood, glass, plastic or metal, each can give a different tonality to the piece. Here are some ideas on which medium to choose.

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Wood printing – printing on wood can be the perfect tone for family photos, artwork, and other visual pieces. Quotes also work well, there’s just a certain tone that should be shared between the quote and the material. A lighter piece of wood may have a lighthearted life quote, while a darker piece can have a more dramatic or seriously toned quote. In either case, the piece can complement well with room décor easily.


Metal printing – Metal printing can be great for an entryway or adding a small business sign. Also, the material connotates a certain sense of professionalism and class.


Glass printing – This can be a much more artistic project if done correctly. Combining with vibrant colors and different font styles, glass printing projects can bring out a new flair that other surfaces may not be able to.


Overall, finding the perfect material can be heavily influential on a project’s success. Give us a call today, and we’ll get started on finding which material is right to take your next printing project to the next level.